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To Reveal the Enormity of Communication Skills for Business Students


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1. Introduction:

Now-a-days global economy, businesses cannot ignore the importance of communication. Businesses are finding that it is in their best interest to learn about national, cultural and ethnic groups they need to communicate with to grow their businesses. Communication is so important in business; in fact businesses want and need people with good communication skills.

Effective communicators are, therefore high demand besides not surprisingly there is a high correlation between communication skills and income. Whatever the position ones have in business, performance will be judged mostly by the ability to communicate.

Evidence of the importance of communication in business is found in numerous surveys of executives, recruiters, and academicians .Without exception, these surveys have found that communication ranks at or near the top of the business skills needed for success.

1.1.0 Background of the Report: This survey report is based on the topic ‘Communication skill plays key role for employment of business students. ‘Basically this report is the partial requirement for ‘Business Communication’ course of MBA program at American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB). This report will help us to understand the enormity of communication skills for employment of business student. It was a nice experience for us to combine our theoretical knowledge with relevant practical field.

1.2.0 Objective(s):

1.2.1 Broad Objective: The key objective of this report is to reveal the enormity of communication skills for business students of AIUB.

1.2.3 Specific Objective(s):

▪ To understand in what extent communication skills are imperative for business students.

▪ Analyzing critical managerial skills that are necessary for business students.

▪ To find out why communication skills are critical for employment.

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