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Lewis Hale * Married to Mrs. Hale * Neighbor of the Wright family * He was the first to discover that John was murdered when he stopped by the Wright’s farmhouse to interest them in sharing a party telephone * He's slow to pass judgment and is reluctant to suggest Minnie had anything to do with the murder * He appears straightforward, honest and plainspoken * He's a farmer and a bit "rough around the edges" from the harsh life of a rural farmer Mrs. Martha Hale * Married to Lewis Hale * Neighbor to the Wright family * Empathizes with Minnie * Conceals the evidence of Minnie's crime as she remembers what her friend used to be like before she married John Wright Attorney George Henderson * Left in charge of the investigation by Sheriff Peters * Is the lawyer who intends to prosecute Minnie * In his arrogance and haste, he misses vital details * Is "young and arrogant" Sheriff Peters * Sheriff of the rural community * Married to Mrs. Peters * Arrested Minnie, but leaves George Henderson to head the investigation * Mrs. Peters, though she didn’t know the younger Minnie, can relate to Minnie’s loneliness and isolation as she recalls her own losses; she helps Mrs. Hale hide the evidence Mrs. Peters * Married to the Sheriff John Wright * The murdered man and owner of the house Mrs. Minnie Wright (f/k/a Minnie Foster) * John Wright's wife and his suspected murderer ************************************

Feminist Drama
Trifles is an example of early feminist drama.

Though its plot focuses on a single moral choice, that of Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters deciding whether or not to expose why Mrs. Wright killed her husband.

It addresses the principal issue of justice and contemporary issues of gender and identity politics. Susan Glaspell’s power comes from the way she interweaves these issues until they are impossible to separate.

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