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Inskeep's The Jacksonland: The Five Civilized Tribes

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The book Jacksonland is a narrative of two widely known men in history. The two men were President Andrew Jackson and Cherokee chief John Ross. Inskeep begins his tale in 1814 during the Battle of Horseshoe Bend. During this time, Jackson was already known from his involvement in politics and his victory in a battle during the War of 1812. The second man throughout this narrative story is John ross. John ross a mixed-race Cherokee politician and diplomat who represented one of the Five Civilized Tribes in a court case over land. This case ended up going all the way to the supreme court. At stake in this court case was the land of the Five Civilized Tribes, who had adopted the ways of white settlers such as cultivating farms and sending children to school, in order to please and try to blend in with others. The case starts with Jackson acquiring land as a general and most of this land was known as the Cherokee Nation. They had lived on this land for many years and saw things differently than Andrew did when it came to …show more content…
He was told about how these Red sticks, one of many factions in the Cherokee nation, had become hostile to outsiders and this made Ross realized how this could eventually affect the rest of the Cherokee popular. So, the rest of the Cherokee nation decided to join the Tennessee militiamen. This is where Jackson came in and intervened and launched a frontal attack on the Red Sticks at Horseshoe bend. Here at this battle Jackson was saved from an attacker and stated that there would always be friendship between the Cherokees and him as long as, “the sun was shining and grass was growing”, but Jackson later took 23 million acres from them. This was one of the first times these two men meet and it forever changed how the Cherokees lived their life. They slowly got pushed out and they never got to live their lives the same

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