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Integrating Digital Marketing with Traditional Marketing

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Integrating Digital Marketing with Traditional Marketing
Despite the vast changes in the marketing industry over the past twenty years and with online marketing being largely the dominating force, many basic marketing tactics still remain relevant today. One of them is traditional marketing. This method is very old school no doubt but very practical and very eminent. Before the era of internet, traditional marketing used to be the most effective with a very huge success rate. The methods of traditional marketing such as print advertisements like newsletters, billboards, flyers and newspaper or magazine print ads and also television spots or commercials, and radio advertising, are still incorporated and still very much present in this hi-tech era.
There have been an ongoing battle over these years between marketers and advertisers about which type of marketing is more effective and useful given that digital marketing is all the rage and have somehow successfully dominated the marketing industry. Though many marketers agree on digital marketing and have proven huge success rate in their campaigns and advertisements, there are still few businesses that follows the traditional method marketing. Though this debate will still be prevalent for a long time as to which method of marketing offers greater value and benefit, the optimal choice would be to find a way how these two channels can work together and how marketers can leverage the best both channels have to offer. Basically, combining traditional marketing with digital marketing.
Traditional marketing presents a highly effective way to reach a broad consumer audience and on the other hand, digital marketing is very efficient in creating a relationship with the consumer that has depth and relevancy. How these two ways can be integrated together is: marketers should use the wider reach traditional marketing channels...

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