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Integration of Mis in Commercial Banks of Butembo

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This paper discusses the importance of MIS in the decision-making of commercial banks in Butembo city. The discussion starts with the review of literatures on the importance of MIS in our world today. The qualitative method of research is applied where; some bank managers were interviewed to collect data. The findings reveal that commercial banks in Butembo city are integrating technology in their daily activities. Mangers do use information systems in making every day decision at their level. Since all the banks in Butembo city are branches that does not need to make high-level strategic decisions. Therefore, the integration of MIS in high-level decision-making is done at the higher level (head office) from the information provided at the lower levels (that is branches like Butembo). However, the banks do share real-time information among branches and the head office.

The history of Management Information System (MIS) starts since long. In 1968, Michael S. Scott Morton wrote a research paper in which he emphasizes the use and emergence of MIS in future. He emphasizes that the future companies will be affected by two things technology and the human comprehension and understanding of decision-making process. According to Morton (1968), it is not only about the emerging of new technologies rather how man will use the information from technology to make decisions. He predicted that in future organizational decisions will be influenced by technology and success of the business organization will depend on how well mangers integrate technology in decision-making. Frenzel (1992 p.130) argues, that the innovation of semi-conductor in 1942 was the foundation of the emergence of information technology.
In today’s changing world, managers need information to manage their work. As the world is becoming global, the

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