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Inventory Management System for Boutique

As per our discussion about your business requirements, we are pleased to offer you one of our products named “Inventory Management System (IMS)” for your convenience in managing your business. The System
Inventory Management System (IMS) will be an intelligent software to control all your process flows of inventory. First of all products (Finished Suites) will be defined in system with their unique item code and every suite will have different colors. In this way, IMS will track every suite along with its color so that management can view at any time about stock position of any color of any suite.
Suites can be added in stock through purchase. Every purchase bill will have its number, date and other information for future tracking. Different stores will also be managed in IMS so that we can chose any store we want to put the stock in.
Suites once added through purchase will be available for sale. Once sale invoice is booked, inventory in every store will be updated accordingly.
Inventory subsection of IMS will track record of inventory in every store and then an accumulative inventory will also be available at any time.
Production section can also be incorporated in IMS. If production section is required, process flow will be a bit different. Raw materials will also be defined in IMS and coded uniquely. Raw materials will then be linked with finished products (Dopatta, Lining, Shalwar) etc. For example, if we say item number
1001(Embroided Dopatta), color blue will be made through, Blue Color Fabric, Embroidery on that, Blue
Color Thread etc. In this case when one blue dopatta will be added in inventory, it will automatically substract Blue Color Fabric, Emboridery and Thread from stock

SBS is equipped with a number of useful reports required by management for effective decision making.
A list of reports is as follow
Sale Summary o Party Wise o Product Wise o Party Wise & Product Wise
Invoice Printing
Inventory Status o Complete o Store Wise o Product Wise
Inter Store Transfers Sheet
Re-Orderable Products Sheet
Raw Material List
Production Process List
Process Definition List for Finished Products
Job Order Report
Production Submission Report
Costing Sheet
Raw Material Stock
NOTE: Reports can be added and subtracted during development phase with mutual consent.
Extra Features
Multiple users can use this system. Administrator will assign rights of every user and then every use will be able to access the assigned areas only.
SBS has the ability to be installed and operated on different workstations. It means you can install and use it on your network without any user limit.
Multiple stores can be managed to track the movement of stock.
All reports will be available between Two Dates. This option makes reports more flexible and useful for management for effective decision making.

Implementation Time
We’ll be requiring 4 Weeks to implement IMS on your premises.
Implementation Cost, Warranty & After Sale Support
Development and implementation charges will be as follows.
Inventory Rs. 55,000/=
Production Rs. 60,000/=
One month free services are covered in this price. After one month we will be charging for our services as chosen by you from following options.
1. Per Month Basis Rs. 4,000/=
2. Per Visit Basis Rs. 1,000/=
NOTE: We’ll be claiming Rs. 2,500/=(Twenty Five Hundred) only for every extra report.
Payment Schedule
We’ll be claiming our professional charges on following terms.
Advance 50%
On installation 40%
After One Month of installation 10%
Total 100%
If you have any further queries regarding this proposal feel free to contact us at your earliest leisure.

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