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Introduction 3

Environment factors 3

Major factors affecting business 4

Management functions 4

Conclusion 5

Recommendations 5

References 6


7-Eleven is the world's largest chain of convenience stores group. 7-Eleven has become the common language of international convenience store, shops throughout the United States, Japan, mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Sweden, Mexico, Panama, Norway, Canada, Australia, Indonesia, Denmark and other countries and regions. The current global store the number of over 40,000 is the world's largest chain system. Stores the largest number of countries are Japan, the highest branch density of Taiwan.7-Eleven is a member of Dairy Farm International, operating under the license from U.S based 7-Eleven Incorporated since 1983. In June 1983, we opened our first store at upper Changi Road in Singapore. And today, we have an extensive network of 550 stores and growing.
7-Eleven is now the store of choice, not just for last minute needs but for a wide ranging lifestyle needs such as exclusive snacks, meals on-the-go, Cash Card top-ups and bill payment services.
In addition, we have been at the forefront of the franchise industry in Singapore for more than 27 years. From Jan 2010, one third of our stores are run by franchisees who are dedicated to serving 7-Eleven customers.7-Eleven is the leading convenience store retailer in Singapore that has grown from strength to strength. Through the years, we have stayed focused on the fundamental principle in retail – satisfying our customer.

Environment factors

International business environment factors, including external relations, a company will face going out. I as the company's general...

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