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Investment Opportunities and Roles of Public Relations and Advertising in Investment Promotion in Nigeria


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Nigeria has attractive environment for investment because Nigeria is a large market and the second largest economy in the continent. Investment in real estate The high demand for houses and limited availability of it has led to exorbitant cost of land and houses. This has made real estate investment opportunity more lucrative for investors.
The agricultural potential of Nigeria is barely being tapped and investment opportunities exist in seed production and distribution, fertilizer production and distribution, machinery and equipment, livestock and poultry, food processing
Solid minerals
Opportunities exist for the exploitation and export of natural gas, bitumen, limestone, coal, tin, columbite, gold, silver, lead-zinc, gypsum, glass sands, clays, asbestos, graphite, and iron ore, among others
Power sector
The power sector reform has moved the sector from the position of government ownership/management to a private-sector driven. Investment opportunities exist for power generation (gas, hydro, coal, wind, solar, etc) for local and foreign investors to build, own and operate and/or transfer independent electricity.
Oil and gas sector
Foreign and domestic investors are being encouraged through improved fiscal incentives in the Nigeria oil and gas sector to invest in the Upstream and Downstream sectors.
Steel aluminium sectors
The present administration is making efforts to ensure that Ajaokuta Steel Project, the Delta Steel Company, the three in-land Steel Rolling Mills and Aluminium Smelter Company of Nigeria, ALSCON are being put in a state of readiness for foreign investment.
Communications sector
The deregulation of the telecommunications sector in 1992 allows for private sector participation in the sector and expand the nation’s communication facilities.
Telecommunications sector
The telecommunications industry in Nigeria is far from being developed. There is a dearth infrastructural facility. There is therefore an urgent need for investment opportunities in infrastructures in this sector.
Tourism sector
The Federal Government of Nigeria is determined to develop and promote tourism into an economically viable industry by encouraging active private sector participation in tourism development and make Nigeria a prominent tourism destination in Africa.

The roles of public relations and advertising in investment promotion are to successfully promote Nigeria to outside investors in order to stimulate foreign investment flows.

Due to information or perception gaps about investment opportunities or state of the investment climate in the country, the roles of public relations and advertising are to successfully promote Nigeria to outside investors in order to stimulate foreign investment flows.

Public relations and advertising can typically assume roles ranging from the promotion and building of a country's image, to targeting investors and facilitating investment. The four main roles are

Image Building * Advertising in general financial media. * Participating in investment exhibitions. * Advertising in industry- or sector-specific media. * Conducting general investment missions from source country to host country or from host country to source country * Conducting general information seminars on investment opportunities

Investment Generation * Engaging in direct mail or telemarketing campaigns. * Conducting industry- or sector-specific investment missions from source country to host country or vice versa. * Conducting industry- or sector-specific information seminars. * Engaging in firm-specific research followed by sales presentations.

Investor Services * Providing investment counselling services. * Expediting the processing of applications and permits. * Providing post investment services.

Policy Advocacy * Participating in policy task forces. * Developing lobbying activities. * Drafting laws or policy recommendations. * Reporting investors’ perceptions

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