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Is Capulet To Blame For Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet Blame Essay “The course of true love never did run smooth,” said William Shakespeare. While love is said to overcome all hardships, even two people who have true love will encounter challenges along the way of their love story and will not necessarily have the happy ever after ending. In Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare, he writes a story of two young lovers who face difficult obstacles which lead up to their untimely deaths. These tough situations that cause Romeo and Juliet’s deaths are all effects of Capulet’s actions. Capulet is most to blame for this tragedy due to his feud with the Montagues, his postponing of Juliet’s wedding, and his negligence of Juliet’s opinions.
Capulet’s lasting feud with the Montagues …show more content…
Capulet is very demanding of Juliet and wants her to comply to his every demand. When Juliet tells her father she would rather marry Romeo, their enemy, instead of Paris, Capulet begins to disparage his daughter, “How? Will she none? Doth she not give us thanks? / Is she not proud? Doth she not count her blest, / Unworthy as she it, that we have wrought” (3.5.142-144). Capulet is furious that his daughter does not want to marry the man that he has brought to her. He believes that Juliet should be thankful for him, after everything he has done for her. Juliet gets on her knees and begs her father to be patient and listen to her say one thing, but Capulet dismisses her, “Good father, I beseech you on my knees, / Hear me with patience but to speak a word,” (3.5.158-159). He continues to insult his daughter, calling her worthless and disobedient, and demands that she get married on Thursday, or he will kick her out to the streets to beg, starve, and die. Juliet’s father was being very inconsiderate, not caring for his daughter’s feelings, but only caring for his pride and social standing. As a father, he should have listened to Juliet when she explained her reasons for not wanting to marry Paris, and how she is happy with Romeo. He should have considered the situation from his daughter’s point of view, and how he would feel if he was forced to marry someone he did not like when his heart was with someone else. Capulet’s bad temper, along with the insults toward Juliet, have a great effect on her death.
The reasons that Capulet is to blame are that it is his feud with the Montagues, he moves the wedding one day earlier, and his actions towards Juliet are harsh. Capulet causes Romeo and Juliet’s love to go wrong, laying the foundation for their unfortunate deaths. While many characters in the story can take the blame, Capulet’s actions stand out the

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