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Is Transpersonal Communication a Stand-Alone Type of Communication or a Subtype of Intrapersonal Communication?

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Karman Khanna

MA (Communication and Journalism)

Communication Theory – Literature Review

Topic : Is Transpersonal communication a stand-alone type of communication or a subtype of Intrapersonal communication?

Department of Communication and Journalism, Mumbai University (2013)

Transpersonal communication is principally defined as a communication between a person and God, spirits, ancestors, or other divine entities. However, their existence is debatable and depends on the individual’s beliefs. It is his mind which believes in their existence or absence which ultimately leads to the question of whether the person actually communicated with a second entity or himself. This raises the question as to whether transpersonal communication can be regarded as a stand-alone type of communication or a subtype of intrapersonal communication which is principally defined as communication within an individual.

Hypothesis: * Transpersonal communication is a stand-alone type of communication * Transpersonal communication is a subtype of intrapersonal communication * Transpersonal communication is maybe a subtype of intrapersonal communication

To know the degree up to which transpersonal communication can be regarded as a stand-alone type of communication

Literature Review:

“Levels of communication are determined on the basis of the number of people involved in the process of communication as well as on the purpose of communication. Intrapersonal type of communication approximates with the thinking process, in which the person consciously sends information to himself/herself in order to analyze a situation” (Anurag Patidar; 2012). The strategy of using intrapersonal communication from the above text is clearly when a person has to make important life decisions or is facing a conflicting situation.

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