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Is the World Progressing?


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Is the World Progressing?
By Kobina Baidoo The world is undergoing changes with the passing of each day due to human actions or in-actions. As to whether the world is progressing or not it will be helpful to establish what progress is and how it impacts on aspects of our lives, such as technology, cultural, economic, political and spiritual, among others. The question also arises if progress has been good or bad, and what one considers as progress in the future if progress is dynamic?
Progress is a function of time; it is a state of being or activity measured against past occurrences and objectives for the future. Thus, in all facets or endeavors including cultural, political, economic, technology and spiritual; measurements can be made for impact, and progress can then be defined either momentarily or against historical antecedents. By this it is clear that progress is defined based on subject matter and the benefits thereof.
In economic terms, technological progress according to the website, is usually measured by the ability to produce more output with given inputs or fewer inputs for a given input1 . Technological progress is further explained to mean an improvement in the ability to use the factors in production of goods and services, an advance in the technical efficiency with which resources are combined in production. Issues have been raised about the effect of technology on world progress.
The world we live in now is very different from that of 50 years ago, we are living longer, diseases are better controlled, populations of nations are growing, and information travels from one end of the earth to the other within fractions of seconds through the use of the worldwide web (internet). One will conclude that we have made progress but for every increased benefit there is a counter effect on a section of the world’s

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