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Book’s Name Author Printer : : : MASTERING O’LVEL ISLAMIAT MUHAMMAD B I LAL ASLAM MAKTABA-JADEED PRESS 14-Empress Road, Lahore. TARIQ NAJIB CORPORATION 16-Temple Road, Lahore. ANEES BOOK CORNER Main Market, Gulberg, Lahore Phone: 042-5751683, 042-5757971, 0300-4498313 1999 2001 2006 2008





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This fourth edition of `Mastering O Level Islamiat’ has been updated in line with the requirements of 200ave tried to make this version as complete and well-rounded as possible by adding a number of new sections and chapters so that students have all the possible information they require under one cover. I have also included in this new version ten standard maps to enable the students to better comprehend a situation and to know where exactly the event took place at the given point of time. Judging by the feedback I have received since this book was first published in 1999, I have very high hopes that Insha Allah it will be as helpful to students as it was then. Amen!

Muhammad Bilal Aslam



Table of Contents
• Preface Passages from the Holy Quran History and Importance of the Holy Quran Arabia Before Islam Biographical Account of the Lifef the Holy Prophet (PBUH) Early Life of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) From Call to Migration Foundation of the Republic of Madina Wars with the Quraish Expulsion of Jews frm Madina Treaty of Hudaybia Unification of Northern Arabia Letters of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) to different Rulers asking them to Embrace Islam Fall of Makkah Section One Section Two

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