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Island of the Blue Dolphins

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Chapter 22 & 23 Island of the Blue Dolphins

1) Who is Tutok, and what game dd Karana play with her?

2) What do you think these phrases mean?
A) "May-nay"

B) "Pay-say-no"

3) Why do you think Karana revealed her secret name to Tutok?

4) What gift did Karana make for Tutok?

5) Why did Tutock leave and not return?

6) What did Karana find after the Aleut hunters had left the island?

7) Why did she not treat its wounds?

8) What name did she give to the otter, and what does the name mean?

9) Why did the otter leave the pool where Karana had caredfor it?

10) How did Karana feel about Tutok at the eand of the chapter?

Chapters 24 &25 Island of the Blue Dolphins

1) Who are Tainor and Lurai, and why did Rontu hide from them?

2) Who made up Karana's new family?

3) Why did Karana change the otter's name to "Won-A-Nee?

4) What made her decide to never kill another animal?

5) Why did the herd of otter leave Coral Cove in the summertime?

6) How did Karana keep account of the days and years that she lived on the island alone?

7) Rontu went off and did not return. Where did Karana find him and what condition? Chapters 26 & 27 Island of the Blue Dolphins

1) What are snares, and why did Karana make them?

2) Karana made a mixture calles "xuchal".
A) What is it made of?

B) How did it help her catch the dog she wanted?

3) What did she name her new dog, and what does this name mean?

4) How did Karana shield her eyes from the hot sun?

5) What happened when she went to sleep under her canoe?

6) How did Karana escape the tidal wave?

7) What happened as she was coming back from the spring?

Chapters 28 & 29 Questions Island of the Blue Dolphins

1) What did Karana lose from the great waves?

2) Where did she get wood to build a ew canoe?

3) What did she see when she went to gather seaweed?

4) What were Karana's thoughts and feelings as she was deciding whether or not to hide?

5) Was she rescued? Why?

6) How long was it before the ship returned?

7) Karana painted marks on her nose. What did they indicate?

8) The man in the gray robe wore an ornament around his neck. Who was this man, and what do you think this ornament was?

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