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Lesson 1 Review: Overview of Local Area Networks
The purpose of this activity is to reinforce what you have learned so far about local area networks technologies.

1. What are the main architectural components of a LAN? (Minimum word count: 60)
The first component is the network’s physical topology which how the nodes are connected. The second is the access method and this is the medium that the nodes access the network. Third is the transmission technique and this is how data is passed across the network. Fourth is the transmissions media, which is either a wired or wireless connection. Fifth are specific protocols this is how computers communicate with each other on the network. Sixth and last component is LAN’s inter connectivity, and this is how information is shared with other types of networks.

2. Describe the function and characteristics of a network operating system (NOS). (Minimum word count: 100)
Network operating system (NOS) manages resources on a network and services can be provided to one or more clients. There two components and they are server and client. The server component can manage multiple users on a network, provide permissions to file and print servers, provide network services, and can provide security. The client component runs on a machine and enables the machine to access the network. These clients works and looks like a computer but most components on a computer are on the network. For example a network storage location will look that the storage is located on the client but it is actually located somewhere else on the network.

3. Match each term below with the correct definition.

Answer: 1 - C 2 - E 3 -D 4 - A 5 -

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