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Issues That Face Marriages Today


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The purpose of this research paper is to inform the reader of the challenges that face marriages in today’s society. It researches the issue of cohabitation before marriage and how people view it whether it is harmful to the marriage or how it can help the marriage be more successful. Another issue that is reviewed is the issue of infidelity. It discusses the problems that arise from infidelity and touches on the reconciliation process that couples have to go through if they have a desire to stay in their marriage. Communication and forgiveness within the marriage is also discussed.

Challenging Issues that Face

Marriages Today
In the world today, there are a lot of marriages going through some trying times. Parents have put their children first instead of their spouse which have created a barrier between the couple. Some families are dealing with extra effort children that require more time with them and put their spouse on the back burner. Financial burdens have been over whelming for some marriages causing stress, anger and even resentment. The issues that this research paper is going to explore are the challenges of cohabitation, infidelity, communication, and forgiveness. These issues seem to be an important part of marriages that are continually brought forth in many therapy, counseling, and laypersons offices.
Premarital Cohabitation
Couples will move in together before marriage for many reasons. These reasons include financial situations (fewer bills; mortgage, electricity, automobile expenses, etc.), beliefs that loving each other is enough and a piece of paper does not mean anything, or to “test” the waters. “60% of young adults believe living together before marriage will help with later marital happiness and stability” (Johnson, Anderson, & Aducci, 2011) according to the article

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