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Fill in the blank:
Complete the following sentences by writing the correct word or words in the blanks provided.
1.The Active Directory database is stored on each domain controller in a file called _____ ntds.dit ____.
2.The Active Directory __ forest ____ is considered the security boundary for an Active Directory environment.
3.To provide fault tolerance, Active Directory utilizes a _ multimaster _ replication model.
4.To create a trust relationship with an NT4 domain, you will configure a(n) __ external trust __.
5.The _ Domain _ naming context is replicated across the domain.
6.The OID of an active directory object identifies its location within the directory structure
7. A(n) __ cross-forest trust __ provides a two-way transitive trust relationship between all domains within two forests.
8.Each domain in an Active Directory forest has a(n) ___ two-way transitive ___ trust relationship with every other domain in a forest.
9.___ Universal group caching ___ allows a user at a remote site to be able to log into Active Directory without needing to contact aglobal catalog server.
10.Active Directory clients rely on ___ SRV records ___ in DNS to locate Active Directory resources such as domain controllers andglobal catalog servers.
Multiple Choice
Circle the correct choice.
B - user
c - window server 2008
a - Delegation of control
c - srv reccord support
c - cn=amy,ou=sales,dc=central,dc=cohowinery,dc=com
c - outboud replication
c - configuration
d - OU
c - Domaine tree root
a) -.Forest
Workplace page
The iNetOrgPerson object for migration from Novell to Windows 2003 and thedomain and forest functional levels. The iNetOrgPerson object will assist you byproviding a common LDAP object between both Novell and Windows 2003. Thedomain and forest functional levels will allow you to use a phased approach as youmove toward full Windows Server 2003 forest functionality.

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Chapter 2Chapter 2
Fill in the Blank
Complete the following sentences by writing the correct word or words in the blanks provided.
1.You can install Active Directory from the Windows command-line using the __ dcpromo __ utility.
2.The _ Password Replication Policy _ will configure which user accounts will or will not be cached onan RODC.
3.The _ nslookup _ command allows you to troubleshoot DNS information from the command line.
4.To install Active Directory on a Server Core computer, you will need to use a(n) _ unattended installation _.
5.You can use _ User Principal Names (UPNs) _ to ease the user logon process in a large, multidomainenvironment.
6.The __ SYSVOL __ shared folder is replicated to each domain controller and stores domain-wideinformation such as Group Policy Objects and login scripts.
7.Active Directory _ latency _ refers to the amount of time it takes for changes to replicate to everydomain controller in an environment.
8._ Incremental _ zone transfers allow modern DNS servers to replicate only records that have beenchanged, rather than the contents of an entire zone.
9.The Active Directory Domain Services __ binaries __ are not installed on a Windows Server 2008computer until you add the AD DS role to the computer.
10.If two SRV records have the same priority, the frequency by which they are accessed by clients will bedetermined by their relative _ weight _.
Multiple Choice
Select the correct answer for each of the following questions. Choose all answers that are correct.

(2) a-Staged installation

(3) b-Object Identifier

(4) d-Restartable Active Directory

(5) C-Netdom

(6) b-Server Manager

(7) a-Flexible Single Master Operations (FSMO) roles

(8) b-Admin Role Separation

(9) c-Server Core

(10) d-Time-to-Live

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