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David Frank IT 320 Friday Homework
a. Signified by a router prompt ending in “(config-if)#”.
b. List of various functions provided by an IOS.
c. Rudimentary OS that provides a basic interface; used for password recovery.
d. Verifies hardware functionality during the boot process.
e. Text entered to access privileged EXEC mode.
f. Command that changes the prompt from “Router” to another name.
g. Looks for and loads the IOS into RAM.
h. Found inside the configuration file and tells the router the order in which to look for an IOS to boot.
i. Allows a limited number of commands and no ability to enter configuration mode.
j. Among other things, tells the router where to locate the IOS.
k. Keeps you from having to type the same command repeatedly.
l. Text-based interface that gives the user the ability to type commands on a keyboard.
m. Provides a series of questions that allow the user to build a basic running configuration.
n. Signified by a router prompt ending in “(config-router)#”.
o. Software that runs a Cisco router.
p. Text entered to access user EXEC mode.
q. File that contains the entire operating system for a router.
r. Allows full access to the IOS command set as well as the ability to configure the router.
s. Commands entered here affect the entire router.
t. Basic IOS that can be loaded if no IOS exists in flash.
u. The last hex digit of the config register.
o IOS l command-line interface (CLI) i user EXEC mode r privileged EXEC mode s global configuration mode a interface configuration mode n routing protocol configuration mode q IOS image b feature set c ROM monitor/ROMMON t boot ROM d power-on self test (POST) g bootstrap j configuration register u boot field h boot system command m setup mode f host name p console password e enable password k command recall

CLI stands for command-line interface. The CLI is not graphical; instead, it is a text-based user interface.
The CLI can be accessed through the console and auxiliary ports, with no specific configuration in the router. The IOS provides a command interpreter service known as the command executive (EXEC), which is separated into two access levels. These levels are user EXEC mode and privileged EXEC mode. The main difference between the two is that privileged EXEC mode allows commands that can disrupt router operations. The following command accesses privileged EXEC mode:
Now record the new router prompt and the command to exit this mode:
From the prompt “Router#”, the user can enter global configuration mode, which allows the user to configure commands that affect the entire router. The router prompt and command to enter global configuration mode is as follows:
Router#configure terminal
After entering the preceding command, the router prompt is as follows:
From global configuration mode, the user can configure specific parts of the router, including all the physical interfaces and management ports as well as routing. The router prompt and command to enter interface configuration mode for Fast Ethernet 0/0 are as follows:
Router(config)#interface FastEthernet 0/0
After entering the preceding command, the router prompt is as follows:
To enter routing protocol configuration mode for Routing Information Protocol (RIP), enter the following command:
Router(config)#router rip
After entering the preceding command, the router prompt is as follows:
Although Cisco IOS software appears to be one OS, from some perspectives, it contains many different IOS images. An IOS image is a file that contains the entire IOS. Cisco creates different IOS images for a variety of reasons.
Routers, like computers, need a permanent place to keep their operating system. Computers use hard drives to store the OS, but routers use flash memory to store the OS. To check the amount of this memory in a router, you can use the show flash command. Also like other computers, routers copy all or part of the IOS into RAM when the router is powered on. To determine whether a router has enough RAM to hold the
IOS, use the show version command.

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