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Introduction to Programming
Week-2 Lesson Plan
TUE 6:00 PM to 10:30 PM
Instructor: Tushar Patel (,


Topic: Unit 2: Software Program Design I

Course Objectives Covered by This Unit

CO2: Design programs by using flowcharts and pseudo code. CO3: Write programs that perform input, processing, and output.

Unit Learning Outcomes

LO8: Determine program input, processing, and output stages. LO9: Create the necessary flowcharts to describe a program’s structure. LO10: Use pseudocode to define a program’s structure. LO11: Formulate solution algorithms for calculations by properly following the order of operations.

Key Concepts

▪ Determining input, process, and output ▪ Creating flowcharts and pseudocode ▪ Formulating algorithms


▪ Gaddis, Chapter 2: “Introduction to Computers and Programming,” pages 29-55
• Data Projector • ITT Virtual Library • Text Books • Visual Studio • Lab Computers • Student Removable Hard Drive • VM Ware Player

Methods: • Lecture • Group Discussion • Lab Work • Review exercise / Research Papers • Quiz

Brief Lesson Overview:

Today’s lecture we would be discussing the following topics.

• Discuss how all programs basically consist of a three-step process: input, process, and output. Use the payroll calculation program example from Figure 2.3 on page 34 of the textbook to illustrate this process. Ask students to think of and share other examples that follow this three-step process. • Discuss how a necessary input and process is used to achieve an output, which is not always very easy to determine. Explain that it requires a disciplined approach to solve programming problems efficiently. Describe both

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