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Cons of Capital Punishment
Capital punishment has been around for years and the debate whether it is moral and justified is always being addressed. Most people can agree that one is either for or against the death penalty. This section of the paper will present arguments supporting the view that an “eye for an eye” is not a valid method of obtaining justice for crimes committed. Is it our job to decide who gets to live and die, and more importantly, is something as severe even evident through written laws? Here are some of the cons why capital punishment should be abolished from our civilization.
Playing God ?
First off, is it our duty as civilians, or humans for that matter, to play the role of God? I believe that death is a natural occurrence that is not something we can chose for another human being. Why should we kill someone who killed someone to show them that killing is a faulty comparison? It just seems for hypocritical to me to think that someone can say don’t do that, but then go on and do the same thing. There are alternatives to killing someone as a form of punishment and that is something that is a greater lesson to teach the criminal and have them live the rest of their life knowing what they did and the consequences for that crime. Some people, not all, have even been deemed innocent many years down the road when some real hard evidence proves their innocence. Now tell me if killing someone was worth it? To know that you didn’t believe an innocent man and put his life to death for something he never even did. This system also isn’t fair to everyone who gets the death penalty due to race and wealth as a factor. The best lawyers money can buy ensure that there are very few wealthy people on death row. It is merely capital punishment because if you can’t come up with the capital, then you get the punishment. “This is an immoral

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