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Name | Address | Page no. | | Abadul, Jinjira | Jinjira | 93 | 30,126 | Abdul Malek, Sarulia | Sarulia Bazar | | | Aftab Carpet, Shylet | Shylet | 230 | 55,558 | Ajijul, Barisal | Ajijul, Barisal | | | Akondo Store, Netrokona | Netrokona | 203 | | Akter Traders, Kishorgonj | Kishorgonj | | | Alamgir, Mouna, | Mouna, Gazipur | | | Amin Trading, Chockbazar | Dhaka | | | Anamul, Gazipur | Gazipur | | | Aziz, Zinzira | Zinzira | 179 | 76,750 | Babu Saha, Nouga | Tulapotti, Nouga | 136 | 1,17,225 | Babul Hossain, Norael | Norael | | | Bachu Pati Ghor, Bogura | Bogura | 15 | 36,400 | Bappi Da/Nirmol Ray | Magura | | | Bhae Bhae Store | Barisal | 207 | 2150 | Bhuiya Carpet House, Feni | Feni, Comilla | 211 | 34,548 | Bobi (Golam Rasul), Khulna | Khulna | | | Bogura Cap House, Bogura | Bogura | 21 | 41,953 | Camelia Shopping Center | Maymensingh | 69 | 2470 | Cash Sell | Office | | | Comilla Pati Ghor | Comilla | 193 | 454 | Darul Hadis, Khulna | Khulna | 213 | 400 | Darul Koran, Khulna | Khulna | 191 | 8,300 | Datta Store | Potuakhali | | | Delwar, Comilla | Comilla | | | Dhaka Bostraloy, Jessore | Jessore | 221 | 158 | Doly Store, Bagha | Bagha | | | Dulal Store, Barisal | Kathpatti,Barisal | | | Dulal uddin, Nouga | Halalia, Nouga | 121 | 77,088 | Faruk, Taltola | Taltola, Dhaka | | | Feni Traders | Feni | 43 | 5400 | Fojol & Brothers, Imamgonj | Imamgonj, Dhaka | 153 | (46,652) | Geasuddin, Gopalgonj | Gopalgonj | | | Golam Moula, M.singh | Maymensingh | | 12,800 | Golam Rasul | Dhaka | | | Gonesh Chandra Dey | Zalkathi | 232 | 1306 | Gouce Master | Alphadanga | | | Gousul, Jinjira | Jinjira | 209 | 16400 | Habibur Rahman, ctg. | Chittagong. | 85 | 3,61,295 | Hafizul, Takerhat | Takerhat | 73 | 4,960 | Hakkani Kutubkhana | Khulna | | | Hamidia Library, Khulna | Khulna | 159 | 400 | Harun | Dhaka | | | Hasib Corner, Faridpur | Faridpur | | | Hoktani Kutubkhana | Khulna | | | Hossain Ali | Faridpur | | | Idris Shikder | Dhaka | | | Imran Shoe Store, Norail | Norail | 09 | 56,170 | Iskander Mollah | Dhaka | | | Ismail, Faridpur | Faridpur | | | Jahangir, Nouga | Nouga | 233 | 36,950 | Jahid, Jatrabari | Jatrabari, Dhaka | | | Jahir | Dhaka | | | Jalil | Uttara | 234 | 49,832 | Janata Pati Ghor, Khulna | Khulna | 36 | 96,309 | Jasim & Brothers | Sayedpur | 115 | | Jatindralal Chockroborti | Chittagong | 59 | 14,400 | Jobaer Molla | Dhaka | 235 | 19,850 | Kabir, Tongi | Tongi | | | Kalu | B.Baria | | | Kandur | Mirpur | | | Kasem / Babu, Faridpur | Dhaka | 167 | 39,854 | Kasem store, Imamgonj | Faridpur | | | Khorshed, Tongi | Tongi | | | Khorshed-Kitabmohol | Sadarghat, Dhaka | | | Kitab Ali | Jinjira | 215 | 23,100 | Komol Paul, Rangpur | Rangpur | 145 | 29,495 | Kuddus (Junior) | Jinjira | | | Kuddus, Jinjira | Jinjira | | | Kumarkhali Bedding | Kustia | | | Kupad Mollah, Jatrabari | Jatrabari, Dhaka | | | Kutubuddin Mollah | Bhairob | | | Liton | Jinjira | | | Ma Pati Ghor | Narayangonj | | | Madani Kutubkhana, Khulna | Khulna | | | Mahabub, Sonir Akhra | Sonir Akhra, Dhaka | | | Markas Mosjid | Araehajar | | | Md. Ali, Nouga | Nouga | | | Md. Aziz, Jinjira | Jinjira | | | Mintu Molla, Faridpur | Faridpur | | | Misu Carpet, Paltan | Paltan, Dhaka | | | Mizanur Rahman | Malitola | | | Mobin Chowdhury, Comilla | Comilla | 157 | | Modern Plastic | Chittagong | | | Mohon Dey, Shirajgonj | Shirajgonj | | | Monir Mahamud, Imamgonj | Dhaka | | | Monir, Jatrabari | Jatrabari, Dhaka | | | Monirul Haque | Dhaka | | | Montu Datta, Jinjira | Jinjira, Dhaka | | | Mostafa, Jinjira | Jijira | | | Moula Crockeries | Mirpur | | | Mouna Sell | Mouna | | | Mousumi Bostraloy, Chudanga | Chuadanga | | | Munnu, Jatrabari | Jatrabari, Dhaka | | | Nazir & Sons, Imamgonj | Imamgonj | | | Nazrul Islam | Khulna | | | Nazrul, Pabna | Jatrabari, Dhaka | | | New Eastern, Moulovibazar | Moulovibazar, Shylet | | | Nur Islam, Jatrabari | Jatrabari, Dhaka | | | Nurul Islam, Jatrabari | Jatrabari, Dhaka | | | Osim, Jatrabari | Jatrabari, Dhaka | | | Others | Dhaka | | | Pannu | Dhaka | | | Polash, Rajshahi | Rajshahi | | | Razzak & Sons | Immamgonj | 195 | | Ripon, Tongi | Tongi | | | Roghunath Saha, Pabna | Pabna | | | Saedul, Jinjira | Jinjira, Dhaka | 183 | | Saedur Rahman, Bhobani, Rajshahi | Bhobanigonj, Rajshahi | | | Saheb Ahmed | Chapaenobabganj, Rajshahi | | | Salauddin, Jessor | Jessor | | | Sankar, Barisal | Barisal | | | Sayeed, Barisal | Barisal | | | Sefayet Mollik, Jatrabari | Jatrabari, Dhaka | | | Shaymol Paul | Jatrabari | 1 | | Sikder Mat, Norail | Norail | | | Soinik Bostraloy, Kishorgonj | Kishorgonj | | | Sojib | Dhaka | | | Sony Fabrics, Kustia | Kumarkhali, Kustia | | | Sorker Bipony | Faridpur | | | Sumon Paul, Shirajgonj | Shirajgonj | | | Sumon Trading, Imamgonj | Dhaka | | | Sundarban Carpet, Paltan | Paltan, Dhaka | 222 | | Suruchi Carpet | Dhaka | | | Tuhin, Madaripur | Madaripur | | |


Name | Address | PAGE NO. | A. R Plastic | Dhaka | 52 | Advance | Factory | | Alvi Traders | Lalbag | 03 | Artex Accesories (Anis) | Matuael, Dhaka | | Bhae Bhae Plastic | Dhaka | | Bhae Bhae Suta Ghor | Sadarghat, Dhaka | | Blue Polymar, Tongi | Urdu road, Dhaka | | Boshundhara Dana | Dhaka | | Compound plastic - Rycycle | Dhaka | | Compound works - Dana. | Dhaka | 41 | Dab Color Center | Dhaka | | Elahi Plastic | Dhaka | 47 | Electric Bill | Factroy-Office | | Eye Engineering | Jatrabari | | Factory cost | Factory | | Factory Rent | Tongi | | Fashion Calaction | Shinboard, Metali Market, Rogonathpur, Fatullah | | Finishing Shade 2 (Shah Alam) | Tongi, Gazipur | | Genious Fashion Tex | 19/C-2, North tolarbag, Mirpur-1, Dhaka | | H. H. Enterprise | Badurtola, Ctg. | | Habib store, ctg. | Chakbazar | | Hannan Saheb - Dana | Norsingdi | | Howlader Plastic | Dhaka | 22 | Internet Bill | Dhaka | | Israfil, Jessor- Kucha | Jessor | | Jabeda Plastic Center | Dhaka | | Jahid (Dana) | Chittagong | | Jannat Traders | Sadarghat, Dhaka | | Khan & Brothers | Gaebandha | 49 | Kuddus Store | 8/1, Chittoranjon Avenue, Sadarghat, Dhaka-1100 | | M.B Plastic (Sohel Dana) | 55 no. KB Road | | Machine | Dhaka | | Maria Enterprise-Supplier | Norsingdi | | Market | Market , Dhaka | | Meraj Enterprise | Bikrampur Garden city, Sadarghat, St. 93 | | Mobile bill | Office | | Mosarof Enterprise | Brikrampur Garden city, stl. 192-3, Simson road, Dhaka | | Moti Member - Dana | Mouna, Gazipur | | Mukta (Mokajjol) Enterprise- lace | Patchdona, Norsingdi | | Nafiz Enterprise | Baghata, Norsingdi | | National Plastic | Dhaka | | National Spring | Dhaka | | Obaidul Store | Bikrampur Garden City, Stl. 278, Simson Road, Sodorghat, Dhaka | | Office cost | Office | | Office Transport Cost | Office | | Others cost | Office | | Polin International | H # 15, R # 5, B # A, Sec # 10, Mirpur | 55 | Ria Enterprise | Tongi, Gazipur | 35 | Ria Enterprise - Rycycle | Tongi, Gazipur | | Royel Plastic | Dhaka | | Sadek (Dana) | Dhaka | | Saedur,Kustia - Kucha | Dhaka | | Salary | Factroy-Office | | Samia Plastic | Dhaka | | Shamima Enterprise | Sainboard, Dhaka | | Shimul Traders - Tongi | Dupchachia, Bogra | | Siam Plastic (Dana) | Dana | | Subarna & Sumaea Plastic | Islambag, Chalkbazar | | Tahsin Plastic | Dhaka | | Telephone Bill- 7548037 | T & T (Agrani Bank) | | Transport Cost of Product | Office | | Trasery - Challan | Dhaka | | Trasery Challan | Trasery Challan (Sonali Bank) | | VAT | Factroy | | Vision Tex | Zirabo Bazar, Ashulia, Savar, Dhaka | |

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Words: 438 - Pages: 2