Jails and Prisons

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Jails and Prisons
Andrew Scott
March 12, 2013
Jeff Walters

There are many types of prisons found in the United States today. Minimum security prisons have housing similar to college dorms, few staff members relative to the number of inmates, as well as minimal to no fencing around the prison. After minimum security prisons, there are low security prisons. These prisons usually have a double fence and a higher staff-to-inmate ratio. Much like minimum security prisons, low security prisons have dorm or cubicle like housing. Like the low security prisons, medium security prisons typically have a double fence; but to heighten security they add an electronic detection system. Most medium security prisons have cell housing, more staff and offer a wide variety of work and treatment programs. High security prisons are typically referred to as United State penitentiaries. These facilities have the highest staff-to-inmate ration, are often surrounded by walls or reinforced fences and place prisoners in either single or multi-occupant cells. Administrative facilities typically have a special goal in mind; whether it is detaining pretrial offenders, treating inmates with serious illnesses or containing dangerous convicts and escape risks. A lot of prisons also have minimum to low security satellite camps adjacent to the main facility. These facilities help provide labor to their main institution and off-site work programs. The Federal Bureau of Prisons also has a facility is West Virginia designed to house female prisoners called a secure female facility. The goal of this facility is to promote personal growth by addressing the special needs of the population. There are also a lot of privately owned prisons that are not run by the government, but are still structured to run in the same manner. Most private prisons have undergone scrutiny from the public, because…...