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March 18, 2014
To: Mariani Packing Company
Re: Dumping Waste into the Fox River Basin

Lead in drinking water can cause many health effects that can vary from minor to severe. In babies and children, drinking lead in water result in delays in physical and mental development during their early childhood stages, along with slight deficits in attention span and learning abilities can occur as well. In adults, it can cause increases in blood pressure. Adults who drink this water, which is contaminated with lead, over many years could develop kidney problems or high blood pressure. Someone might have to undergo a kidney transplant. Children may have to put on medication to treat their delays and deficits. The process of removing metals from water is simple. It would require placing a magnetite into the water which would draw the lead to the magnetite. Once this occurs the magnetite and absorbed metal is removed by flowing the water through a steel wool. Once the magnetite and associated heavy metal is bound to the steel wool, it can be removed and disposed of. Please remember the safety and health of your community. Help keep our rivers clean for our family, as well as yours. Thank you.

Global Impact

There is major problem with water contamination in Nigeria, Africa. Nigeria are fast being severed by a number of factors, of which pollution remain the most dominant problem. Due to poor living conditions and many other factors, pathogens, sewage, construction debris, automobile emissions, etc., find their way into Nigeria’s rivers and other fresh water resources. The individuals whom ingest this water may contract a wide variety of health issues and diseases, from microbial infections to hepatitis. In order to treat these type of diseases many individuals would have to undergo a lifetime of antibiotics to fight of the bacteria and pathogens

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