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Disaster Planning, Emergency Preparedness & Business Continuity

I. Introduction: The Plan

About this Document 1 What a Disaster Plan Is and Why You Should Do One 2 Possible Disasters 4 Assign a Team—You Can’t Create a Plan Alone 6

II. Analyze & Know Your Organization

Determine Your Critical Services & Functions 8 Where is Your Information Stored? 10 Computers & Technology 15 Know Your Physical Plant 18

III. Risk Analysis 19

IV. Business Impact Analysis 20

V. Implement the Resources 21

VI. Test the Plan 22

VII. Insurance 23

VIII. Personnel Policies & Crisis Communications 25

IX. Advice from the Red Cross 28

X. Emergency Planning Checklist 30

XI. Resources 33
I. Introduction: The Plan

About This Document

This document explains the points an organization needs to think about in order to prepare its own disaster recovery plan so that, should an interruption occur, it is able to resume operations.

To complete its plan, staff members will have to search for answers and fill in the blanks. Each organization’s circumstances and structures are unique, so a plan will have to be tailored to suit its needs. It is important to recognize that there is no “magic” plan that an organization can purchase that will provide all the answers or that will create a plan for them. There is no document that will address every situation and circumstance. Conceivably an organization could share its plan with another organization for ideas on how to formulate a plan; however, some plans may include confidential information that should not be made available to those outside the organization.

Take this document (which is available to download from NPCC’s website at and use it as you wish: cut and paste those sections that are applicable, expand

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