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Jjt Task 1

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JJT Task 1

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January 29, 2012

The Creator, whoever the Creator is to you, gave us a wonderful world, a world full of resources to use and enjoy. However, as plentiful, those resources are; they are not infinite; it is the responsibility of every one: individual, governments, and businesses to conserve, protect and sustain those resources. This report will highlight how a small company participates in protecting the environment and conserving world resources; the leadership quality required; the benefits to gain from a sustainable world, and the legal and regulatory requirement to follow the principles for maintaining sustainability. American Indian's Lament

The featured business is a small health care company, Fellowship Senior Services, that provides health care services to 104 senior citizen and young disable adults in three locations. Fellowship Senior Services operates two Adult/ Senior Day Program that serve 80 to 90 people a day ( six to eight hours a day), and it runs an Assisted Living facility that serve 24 residents, 24 hours a day. To protect the environment and conserving g world resources, the company engages in a recycling and waste management program. It takes leadership effort by the owner to keep the program going. Though the company effort to protect the environment and conserve world resources is small in lieu of what other big companies can do, the planet benefit and so does the company.

Environmental Considerations and Recommendation

Consideration: The Company engaged in a waste management initiative at its largest facility that serves 50 people for six to eight hours a day. The program is has two parts: waste prevention and recycling. Waste prevention plans to reduce waste before it is made. Management educated participants and staff of the day program on the importance eliminating waste for a clean environment; the need to save the planet for their children and grandchildren. Once they understand and accept the concept, it was easy to get them to use non-disposable plates, cups, utensils and other materials that meet sanitary standard. The company recycling effort plans to reduce the amount of wastes that go in the land field. Among items the company recycles are office supplies: papers, magazine, newspapers; electronics: old computers, printers and faxes, ink cartridges and turners; old appliances and scraped metals and all other items that could be reused. It took times to get everyone on board but now 75% of the day program attendants and 80% of the employees comply with the waste management and recycling program (Waste Care Corporation, 2012).
Recommendation: The initiative Fellowship senior services have undertaken to protect the environment and conserve world resources is minute, but it is a step in the right direction. Any actions companies big or small would take to make the environment safe and preserve it for future generation will have significant impact. Recommendations for the company to pursue its mission for a greener planet are to add the other two locations of the company to the waste management program. In addition, they are to start a water and energy conservation initiative and to continue educating employees, participants in the day program and residents of the assisted living about the importance and benefit of running a waste management and energy conservation program.

Ethical Leadership Considerations and Recommendations
Ethical Leadership Considerations: over a century ago, Potter Stewart, U.S. Supreme Court justice, said, “Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do.” That statement still rings true today. Leaders of any company, big or small, need to go by the following ethical principles: justice, non-injury, truthfulness and fidelity; by not committing injustice, not harming others, avoiding lying and keeping promises made (MindEdge Inc., 2013). Communication Leadership is another attribute all leaders need. For the program to be effective, Fellowship Senior Services' leaders need to have the ability to communicate the company's plan to both employees and residents of the facilities. They need to communicate skillfully both verbally and in writing and display both emotional intelligence and cross-cultural literacy (Barrett, 2011). A third ethical leadership to consider is leadership style. The company’s leaders would develop a visionary and coaching leadership style that move people toward shared mission and vision and connect the company’s plan with what they want. In contrast, a commanding leadership style would be highly ineffective in getting people to go along with the company’s waste management and energy conservation program (Barret, 2011).

Ethical Leadership Recommendations: Three recommendations for ethical leadership at Fellowship Senior Services are, first, leaders, who want to implement the waste management program to protect the environment and conserve world resources, need to be good at practicing what they preach; they need to be serious about the program. Second consideration is for the leaders to learn how to be effective communicators, so they can engage others to follow their lead. They need to make ethical issues a core value of the company. The third recommendation is for the leaders to be transparent: share success and failure with all participants; reward and praise those who actively participate in the program and set goals for those who do not show enough enthusiasm.
The success of the program is dependent on every employees and residents' participation and that can be accomplished through ethical leadership (Wood, 2011).

Organizational Viability

Sustainability Considerations, a common definition of sustainability is that "It is the use of ecosystems and their resources in a manner that satisfies current needs without compromising the needs or options of future generations." This definition alone justifies reasons for a small company like Fellowship Senior Services to engage in sustainability considerations, because what a corporation does, be it a well-established company or a startup company, will have economic, environmental and human impacts. As Theodore Roosevelt, U.S. President, eloquently said "To waste, to destroy our natural resources, to skin and exhaust the land instead of using it so as to increase its usefulness, will result in undermining in the days of our children the very prosperity which we ought by right to hand down to them amplified and developed."
The economic impact on Fellowship Senior Services for implementing its waste management program is the money the company saves. In one of its day program, the company serves an average of 60 clients a day, five days a week. Each client drinks three to four cups of water a day; that is about 240 cups a day. A box of 1000 disposable cups cost $30.00; clients and employees used about four boxes a month, that equate to $120.00 a month. When the company implemented its waste management program, it encouraged everyone, clients and staff, to bring in their favored cup from home to use at the day program. Since then, in that one center, only half a box of disposable cups are used a month. That is a saving of nearly $1440.00 a year on cups alone. Other savings also derive from no use of disposable plates, selling of old appliances, scrapped metals, and reducing fee for trash pickups.

Environmental Impact, as mentioned above, since implementing the waste management program, that one location stopped using disposable cups, disposable plates, recyclable office supplies, old appliances and other disposable items. Since then, the company used a smaller trash dumpster and sanitation service does three trash pickups a week instead of five. Therefore, less trash goes to the land field and most of the trashes pickup from Fellowship Senior Services is biodegradable.
The Human Impact, the primary reason of implementing the waste management program was its potential benefits on society. Even if the company did not save any money, the hidden benefits are far greater than not having the program. For Fellowship Senior Services it is more about planet, people than it is about profit.
Sustainability Recommendation, as it was shown above, even for a small company like Fellowship Senior Services, engagement in a sustainability program is financial beneficial, by not using styrofoam cups alone, the company saved over $1440.00 a year. It is also shown that because of the program, the company sent less waste to landfills benefiting both the environment and society. Sustainability Recommendation for Fellowship Senior Services is for the company to continue embracing sustainability management and place the other senior center and the assisted living in the waste management program. Other recommendations will be for the company to engage in water and energy conservation programs (MindEdge, Sustainable Management, 2011).

Legal / Regulatory Considerations and Recommendations Legal / Regulatory Consideration, do we need law to help protect the environment and sustain it for future generations? The answer is a resolute yes! Even with present government regulation, big corporations are frequently using loopholes to circumvent the law. The government can only regulate; it takes ethics on the part of corporate leaders, managers, employees and all stakeholders to get involved. As a health care company, Fellowship Senior Services has to obey all environmental laws in general, EPA, IPA A and the Healthcare Associated Infection Prevention (HAIP) Act 52.
The EPA set guidelines for disposable of such non-hazardous waste such as product packaging, bottles, food scraps, and set more restrictive guidelines for hazardous materials, especially infectious waste from the health care industry (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 2012). Another law for Fellowship Senior Services to consider is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 which protects patient privacy right. HIPAA specifies that patients’ information s cannot be released without their consent (American Hospital Association, 2012). The company need to be mindful of it disposes materials from it waste management program. The company will also consider the Healthcare Associated Infection Prevention (HAIP), established to execute the Department of Health’s responsibilities created by Act 52 of 2007 (Pennsylvania Department of Health, 2012).
Legal / Regulatory Recommendations, managers at Fellowship Senior Services should continue to do whatever is necessary not only to observe environmental laws but to exceed their requirements. For example, even though, recycling is not mandatory in the cities where the company conducts business, management decides to engage in a waste and recycling program. The company should continue to engage in energy and water conservation.

Discoveries of unethical behaviors involving high profile companies such as Enron, WorldCom and BP continue to erode public trust and confidence in the corporate world. Many corporations have broken environmental laws and used their influence to avoid penalties. It will take not only government regulations and enforcement but also ethical leadership to help corporations address issues that are affecting the economy, society, the environment, the current and future generations (The Global Voice of Quality, 2003)


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