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John Proctor's Downfalls In The Crucible

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John Proctor was one of the men of power in the play, but as it progressed it was lost due to the wrath of Abigail. He was the the lover of Abigail whenever she worked for him and his wife before she was fired because Elizabeth, his wife, figured out that they were having an affair. One of his first downfalls was whenever he was talking to Elizabeth after Abigail started targeting her for being a witch due to her jealousy of wanting to be with Proctor. Elizabeth accuses him of fretting to accuse her because of their past together, but he begs to differ saying that “... [he has] good reason to think before [he] charge fraud on Abigail, and [he] will think on it” (Miller 54). His hesitation to accuse Abigail could’ve been one of the many things

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The Crucible John Proctor Hero Essay The Crucible , John Proctor is the tragic hero of the play because his sin has refrained him from, speaking upon against what is wrong, when he does speak up it is too late, then finally his pride is so strong that it leads to his downfall, and his dedication to his family makes him decide to do the wrong thing. Proctor has many flaws, but even with them he is truly a good person, he showed nonconformity by not doing something he doesn't believe in, An example is when Hale asked him why he wasn't going to church he said,”I think, sometimes, the man dreams cathedrals, not clapboard meetin' houses.”(Act2 pg.65). This implying that he feels that Parris cares more about wealth and reputation he gains from it rather than Christian morals.Proctor also doesn't support that Parris views himself as a nobleman, who doesn't need to conform to Parris warped view of Christianity and Puritan belief.He also portrays brilliant characteristics for his children to look up to because he put up a fight for his family until his last breath. John Proctor’s dedication and trust in people make him a tragic hero because if John didn’t truly believe that Abigail would spare him and his family he probably would have stayed quiet.Proctor believes at the...

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