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Good evening Journal, February 18, 1968
It has been quite some time since I have been to make the time to sit down and write to you. I have been so busy working long hard hours I just have not found the time. As my surroundings seem to dictate my life I wonder if I will ever be allowed to have the things in life I want. I still work for Blake Family on their farm. I still make the same wage I did when I first started four years ago. I get frustrated knowing the other workers here that are not of my color make more money, get raised, and receive other benefits like cattle, food, and horses. Journal, why does my color dictate what I am allowed to do, and what I am allowed to make? I am a very hard worker and do all of the hard physically demanding chores here but still get paid less. I am not paid as a hard working man, I am paid due to my color, which is less than the others. Don’t take me wrong I really love it here. The house is big and beautiful, the lawn is brightly green, the flower gardens are a wonderful site to see, and the large pond is wonderful for catching fish. The cattle, horses, fields of food, and gardens of vegetables makes this place have all you need. I hope that one day I will be allowed to have a breathtaking place like this. At this time I have no choice but to stay in this old bunkhouse that leaks when it rains and the sunrays shine through the cracks and spaces in the old wood when the sun shines. It freezes in here during the winter and is very hot during the summer.
As the days past I become more frustrated wondering why I am still treated like this if slavery ended many years ago. Why must I fight for a place in this country only to worry if I do fight, I will lose what little I have worked so hard for. My ancestors lived a happy fulfilling life in their tribes. Their life was simple, structured, and respectful. Each person had their part to do and everyone worked together to keep the tribe strong, unlike now, people work against each other and degrade a person because of their skin color. For some reason people decided it was a need to have slaves and forced many to come to American to be sold as slaves. Slaves were treated unbearable by being shackled, overworked, underfed, and beaten. The healthier the slave, the more people would pay for them. I believe writing to you Journal is helping me understand my hard times and feelings of irritation. I feel like a slave even though I do get a very little compensation for what I do. I do not agree with the way we African Americans are treated, even now a days. We as individuals and powerful African American leaders have fought for the right to be an active, working, fair part of this country. When we went through the racism and slavery of whites only, being able to use restrooms, whites only able to sit in the front, and white only restaurants. How are we able to come to peace between each group of skin color. How can one man come to terms with another man as his equal but has different skin color. God almighty made me who and what I am. I thank God for making me a hard working man that has beliefs this unfair treatment will sometime end. I do not hold any grudges against any slave owners and wish peace will come between races. Those that refuse to will bury the chance to open their mind and be educated on individuals and races, not the bias of skin color. I ask myself, do I as one person in one race have a chance at making a difference in this world? Sometimes I have the uplifting spirit and the power of God on my say believing that I can make that difference, but other days like today I feel the chance is very small.
My work days seem like they are becoming more unbearable as the labor gets harder and harder. Since my only friend here of the same race fled two months ago the labor amount increases for me. I do worry about my dear old friend, hoping he does not get caught by the white people. If he does he will surely be given a harsh beating and sent somewhere else. This is the exact reason why I have left. God, please continue to protect me dear old friend.
I hope, pray, and plead that one day all will change. If I end up staying here and passing away in this old bunkhouse, I hope someone finds you my dear friend. I hope they find you and reading you will educate the ignorance that people held between races and ethnic backgrounds. My dear Journal I must now go to bed for I have a long day of back breaking labor ahead of me.

Thanking you for always being there and excepting my words of thoughts, Jerome

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