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African-American College Students: Personal History, Struggles, and Graduation


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African-American College Students: Personal History, Struggles, and Graduation
Rheon Gibson
Northern Illinois University

In this report, I discuss the importance of African-American college students in higher education realms and why the topic appeals to my interests. I will also identify trends in research questions, methodology, and research findings; regarding three identified themes; Personal History, Struggles, and Graduation. In addition, I will provide the reader with an evaluation/critique of the existing literature, including; 1) contributions of literature to the field, 2) overall strengths, 3) overall weaknesses, 4) missing elements, and 5) what are the next steps for research.

African-American College Students: Personal History, Struggles, and Graduation
Importance to the Field Educational attainment amongst African-Americans is a crucial concept that not only affects African-American communities but it also affects society as a whole. Education provides a solid foundation for individuals to experience personal growth, increase one’s socioeconomic status, and obtain professional careers and licensures. Obtaining higher education does not begin upon admission to an accredited college or university; instead, it begins when one is first introduced to the educational system. This introduction can be in Kindergarten, Pre-K, the first year of home school, or wherever the first fundamental steps of acquiring a higher knowledge of comprehension and understanding is introduced. When an individual obtains a high level of education the possibilities are endless; whereas those with limited levels of educational attainment have limited possibilities, that can include; residing in impoverished communities, experiencing occupational dissatisfaction, earning less wages without benefits, and spending less time with children due to having

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