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The man in the short story, “Just Lather, That’s All” by Hernando Tellez, and the men in the documentary, “Soldiers of Conscience” were all faced by the same dilemma: to kill, or not to kill. All four men were faced with a question they answered authentically, and honestly; all four men faced different consequences for their decision. In most cases, the consequences were too much compared to the other choice: to kill. Being authentic in high-death situations is nearly fruitless, and therefore, useless. Take the barber from Tellez’s story for example. He had an opportunity beyond compare, to end the suffering and killing of his fellow pro-revolutionists. Yet he wasted it. The elusive Captain Torres under his razor, unarmed, sitting in the perfect position to simply “cut his throat just so, zip! zip!” (Tellez, 1993, pg. 194). But the barber’s morality got in the way, and he let Captain Torres to go peacefully and with a clean, shaved face. Captain Torres was basically served on a silver platter, and the barber did not take one bite. He chose his own life over the many Captain Torres took. The barber was “secretly” a rebel; he was living on borrowed time anyway. Yet he left someone else to pick up where he failed, “[Captain Torres is] an executioner …show more content…
Whether it was certain death, or imprisonment, the repercussion was far too great a price to pay than the short-term, less-pricy choice to become who you have to be to help fellow soldiers in a place where death can be imminent. The barber could have saved many other people’s lives and brought justice to those the captain tracked down and killed. The other men swore an oath, and then broke their oath and left their fellow soldiers to pick up the slack. Each man faced the fallout of their choice and many paid a price, a price that was too steep to

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