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Keystone Pipeline Pros And Cons

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Keystone XL Pipeline
Do you think you would want a pipeline to go through your property and put lives at risk? No, people don’t want the pipeline to happen because of the horrible things that could end up happening. Many believe the pipeline will create more jobs, but many think otherwise. A life could be taken away in a second. The pipeline would put the wildlife at risk from toxic oil spills, polluted water, and more. The people and animals in the way of the pipeline will end up having to move when the construction begins. In the U.S, the Keystone Pipeline is doing more harm than good. Trans Canada is a large public company that operates diverse energy-related investments (McElroy). They are also the leader in the development and reliable and safe operation of North American energy infrastructure. Trans Canada owns and has interests in over 10,500 megawatts and is one of the continent’s largest …show more content…
We need to spend a greater amount of time finding alternates to getting oil to Texas. The Pipeline is to go through where people’s homes currently reside so when they build the pipeline those houses will have to be demolished and multiple families will have to move. The demand for oil will persist until we find a better, carbon-free way to drive our cars, trucks, planes, and trains (McElroy). You could have trucks take the oil to Texas instead of hurting the land by building a pipeline through people’s lives. How would you feel if you had to move out of your home and leave all the memories behind so that Texas can have oil? The farmers that have crops growing around the Pipeline could end up losing their crops because of all the chemicals that are around them. Some of the farmers rely on their crops for their income as they sell to people around and businesses the world. The people that are building the Keystone seem like they don’t care about the well-being of the

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Keystone Pipeline Pros And Cons

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