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Why CLIA Matters To Patients

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Week 2 Healthcare Compliance homework:
Why does CLIA matter to patient? It matters to a patient because Laboratory tests have to be done properly and they have to be certified by the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services. The accuracy of the Lab tests that are done could be life or death for the person they are doing them for. If the test is done wrong or the measurements off then it could affect the person for whom is being treated. These tests are being done for diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. Laboratory tests like blood sugar and H1C if done wrong can result in the patient getting a wrong dose of insulin or counting them as not being diabetic if they are and then if they go back to the lifestyle they had before the diabetes then they could possibly die. The CLIA also allows certain tests to be waived. These tests are waived by the CDC or the FDA are they are considered so simple that there is very little margin and risk for errors.
There are some methods of testing for cholesterol and blood glucose that are waived at the same time as pregnancy tests, some urine tests and fecal occult blood tests. There have been about 40 tests approved for the certificate of waiver also known as a COW. Patients as well as person representatives of the patient, can request their lab results and reports …show more content…
The requirements of the final rule of the CLIA was recertification and certification as well as the employment of appropriately accredited personnel, quality control program, procedure manuals, a submission to inspections on-site, frequent proficiency testing and extensive documentation. Physicians that have certificates to preform waived tests have to succumb on-site inspections to make sure they are not preforming non-waived

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