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In his book, King Leopold’s Ghost, Adam Hochschild brings many discussions to why massive carnage has remained unknown in the United States and Europe as well as questioning your view on human nature. Hochschild opens up with the early life of Henry Morton Stanely and how that name came about. King Leopold II brings in Stanley to help claim his kingdom and build a stronger kingdom such as England’s. Immediately into the story the author makes Stanley’s story clear and the reader could tell Stanley had a troubled background but respected those who helped him, enough to change his name to his boss’ name and “experimented with the middle names, using Morley, Morelake, and Moreland before finally settling on Morton.”
Between the 1880 and 1920, there were many
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This tone was more effective towards the beginning of the book before King Leopold II had become king. When speaking about Stanley and David Livingston, his attitude and tone was more distinct. This book is very well at explaining the events that went on in Leopold’s time therefore, it is more of an explanatory narrative. The argument of the book is more towards the acts of racism towards the Congolese people and that is what makes the book interesting because it helps the reader create a better understanding to how racism first began and with this book it really gives students and idea of what racism was before it because racism. This is a very resourceful book that could be taught in high schools along with the Holocaust. In reality the Holocaust is one of the only major massacres taught to students. Learning that the Holocaust was not the only huge massacre is very eye opening to not only students but to different kinds of audience. The book displays quote and stories that captures the actual moments of when the event happened. It does a good job of actually putting the reader into the plot.

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