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M1: Comparing two different operating systems

Name | Windows | MAC OS X | Sources | * | * | Image | | | Versions | Windows 8` | Mac OS | Pros | * Compatibility–The programs when you were using an original version of windows, you will also work with a newer version of Windows. * Technical Support- Almost all windows manufacturers will support for a recent version of Windows when they go to market with a new product. * Ease of use – people who use windows will know that windows is easy to use compared to other operating systems like the mac os x. * Games - An excess amount of gaming titles are offered for Windows, also there is so much gaming hardware which is supported. * Plug & Play – at the moment Windows has an edge over the competition and is working well in the area of Plug & Play support for PC hardware. Windows normally does a good job at making people identifying a different hardware. | * Reliability- Apple controls production from the beginning to the end the parts of a Mac is made to function together. * Security - Mac OS is a two-layered system: the GUI sits on top a UNIX core, and UNIX is known for its safety features. It's very difficult to connect a virus without the user who allows it. * Stability – mac is steadier and more constant then than Windows because of Apple’s control over the formation options as well as UNIX base. * Price – people don’t spend lot money compared to using windows when purchasing a new operating system. * Usable - It synchronizes user information well across multiple Apple devices, for instance the iPhone and I pad, which makes it easier to use it when using a mobile in an office environment. | Cons | * Compatibility- there are all kinds of software which are out on offer for Windows PCs a lot of the time...

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