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Laboratory Activities in Method of Research

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Understanding Educational Research

I. Introduction
We are now living in a BETTER world, a world where ignorance but truth and understanding is at trend. This could be recognize as the fruits of research; leading to better predictions, and better understanding of the world we live in. In education, we could identify research with a better understanding of the individual, and better understanding and improvement of the teaching and learning process and in other circumstances in which it is most fruitfully carried on.

II. Objectives:
At the end of this activity, it is expected that students will be able to: 1. Define research and educational research. 2. Differentiate research from educational research. 3. Give the uses of research in education. 4. List researchable topics in education.

III. Write ups/ instruction: 1. Obtain at least 5 definitions of research from different authors. Compare these definitions and synthesize your own definition of research. 2. From three different authors, copy the meaning of educational research. Synthesize your own definition by referring to the definition obtained. 3. Differentiate research from educational research. 4. Give the uses of research in education. 5. List down five topics in education which you think need research.

IV. Answers: 1. Five (5) definitions of research from different authors. i. “Research is the continuous discovery and exploration of unknown. It entails an investigation of new facts leading to the discovery of new ideas, new methods or improvements. Research is always an attempt to widen one's outlook in life. It always proceeds from the known to the unknown.”
- John W. Best, James V. Kahn.

ii. “Research is a process of scientific thinking that leads to the establishment of new knowledge or truth. It is not a...

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