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Leader Profile Paper

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Leader Profile Paper
Kimberly Linton
November 21, 2014
HRE 3723

Introduction: 1. Who did you choose to interview and why did you choose him/her?
Throughout her life, my youth director and mom Nicole Linton has been an exemplary leader. She was always involved as a leader in organizations throughout high school and college. She has been a member of her church for 30 years and now serves as the youth director.

Chapter 1 – The Nature and Importance of Leadership

1. Why is leadership important in your (organization, community, team, etc.)?
Mrs. Linton believes leadership is important because “young children need guidance and a good example to follow so they don’t fall to the wrong paths.” 2. Why do you think it is important for students such as myself to learn to lead?
She believes that it is important for students to learn how to lead because it will open up doors for our futures. She also says “you have to become the leader that you want your children to look up to.” 3. One of the things we study is the many roles that leaders play in their organizations, communities, teams, etc. Could you give me an example of when you have been a: a. Figurehead
She says, “When I got accepted to college I think I was a role model for the children and to let them know that someone just like them could get to where I am going.” Coming from our home town and seeing people go to college and be successful is a big inspiration. b. Spokesperson
She had to speak before the church board many times to get things approved that the youth committee wanted to do. c. Negotiator
Mrs. Linton acts as a negotiator when she has issues between children in the individual groups. She has to help them work things out and get along. d. Coach and motivator
Mrs. Linton feels like a coach and motivator at her church’s annual event called the...

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