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Leadership Autobiography

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Leadership Autobiography
Dalbert Marin
LED 620- National University
April 2014

Leadership Philosophy I could not find a better way to introduce my Philosophy of Leadership written articulation, than talking about how my cultural view of our world, along with my beliefs, values, ad personal attitudes; would certainly determine from this very moment on, the way I become an effective person first, in order to achieve my goal of being an excellent leader. I am currently doing it, I am fighting for it, in the means of daily improvement; because I am already clear and positive about this truth, if I don’t strive strong enough, and stretch myself to my fullest metal capacity, I would not accomplish my marked desire and objective of leading the way for me, and then, only at that point; direct people around me, toward that same direction. My conduct has an important role here, right now; and there is no time to waste, since I am dealing with the more basic essence of leadership as a complex human process it is, I am talking about individuality. Leadership starts from my inner-being; it is a natural force trying to move out and produce positive outcome; and it has the need to be comprehend into its immediate context. In essence, the way I see myself right now, my goals, my profession and my own perception of my environment; reflects on the people around me. That is why I have to behave in the direction to which I see my followers going with me, because if they don’t go, then I stop the whole process as well. We need to do it together; and I do not need to think of it as if it was an optional motivation, but a definitive one, a real necessity that is leading this whole process in my life at this moment, and because my behavior as leader is as blood for my body. That is the importance level I am personally assessing to this vital aspect today as a

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