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Leah Ramuson Award Essay

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Youth need strong, influential leaders to help them do better and succeed. The Jefferson Award is given to those who help out in their communities so that their stories can inspire others to do good. Someone worth noticing is Leah Rasmuson. She is an eighth-grade science teacher at Amery Middle School. Leah Rasmuson deserves the Jefferson Award because she is empathetic and patient. One reason that Leah Ramuson deserves the Jefferson Award is because she is empathetic. In “5 Qualities That Make a Teacher Great” by the High School of Glasgow, it says, “Teachers who help pupils feel understood and comfortable within the classroom are more likely to achieve positive performance outcomes and ultimately, children should feel safe when sharing their …show more content…
This evidence shows why being empathetic is important for teachers. Furthermore, an example of when Leah Rasmuson was empathetic when she let me stay in her classroom even though it was loud and she was busy, she understood I had to do work. It made me feel relieved because I got all my work done. This demonstrates that Leah is empathetic because she let me stay in her classroom even though it was noisy and she had work to do. Finally, Macie Warner, a student, said, “She postponed a test to the next day because she understood we weren’t prepared to recite the material given.” This suggests that Leah is empathetic because she let her students get an extra day because she understood that they weren’t prepared. In all, Leah Rasmuson has helped youth by being empathetic, because empathy helps make youth feel respected and understood. She is a good example for youth, so in the future youth will have strong leaders like Leah Rasmuson. Others might argue that coaches deserve the Jefferson Award because they motivate students. However, Leah Ramuson deserves the award more because she is patient, and not all coaches are

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