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Your Application Has Been Submitted
The following is your confirmation number. Please save this number for future reference: 785970
**Important Information - Please Print This Page**

Thank you for applying for the Emergency Communications Operator I position with the Cobb County Department of Public Safety. In order to continue in the hiring process, you must take an online Data Entry exam. This testing should take you approximately 10 minutes and you should allow yourself the appropriate time for testing without interruptions. The Data Entry exam uses both alphabetical and numerical characters during the test. For this reason, we have found that candidates typically do better using a desktop computer or keyboard with a 10-key pad. If you choose to use a laptop computer or other device without 10-key availability, you agree to accept the results as reported. If you do not have access to an acceptable computer for this exam, please contact CobbEmployment@cobbcounty.org to schedule your exam in person no later than Fri., August 30, 2013 at 5 pm EST to schedule a time. In-person testing is reserved for only those candidates who do not have access to an acceptable computer and will be administered at the discretion of Employment Center staff no later than Sept. 3, 2013.

You have limited time to take these exams. After August 30, 2013, the test link below will expire and you will no longer be able to take these exams online. It is important that you take it as soon as possible so that if you encounter any technical issues, we can resolve them before the expiration date of the exams. Please contact Technical Support at the number below if you encounter any issues during your testing. If your issue cannot be resolved by Technical Support, then please contact…...

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