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Learning a Foreign Language

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As the globalization process accelerating, it is critical to learn a foreign language. Therefore, we can communicate with foreigners with few language barriers. At the sometime, how to learning is a frequent topic of discussion languages. Some argue that understanding the country as well as the cultures and lifestyles of the people who speak it is benefit to learn a language. Personally, I agree with this opinion.
A language is not only including vocabulary and grammar; also the cultures and lifestyle are mutually exclusive. In the first place, without understanding the cultures, we might use the language in some wrong cases. For example, it is wired when you staring talking with climate in English speaking countries, however it is a normal beginning in China. In the second place, lifestyle is a key factor to learning a language, especially in writing essays. In western area, essays always begin the writer’s views. In contrast, in our country, we prefer to render our opinions at the end of the essays. In the third place, learning about the country has the inherent advantage of learning language. More specifically, some special words restrict to some countries. If you never been there, you would not understand such words accurately.
Admittedly, there would be some drawbacks if you learn a language in this way. To begin with, it is time-consuming. Generally, understanding a language’s background cost more time than only learning grammar and vocabulary. In addition, it is also expensive. Travelling aboard is luxury to an ordinary student.
In a nutshell, I am conceded that learning about the country the cultures and lifestyles are time-consuming and costly. Despite, it is a good way to learn a language intensively. Overall, I am convinced that we should learn a language including understanding its...

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