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Letter to Granddaughter

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I am writing you this letter and I horsgerknvbdsjkbfdpe when you read it you are able to comprehend and grip the deep meaning of it. During my grwekkfbnkdflifetime I have seen many impacting changes that could change not only history in general, but women’s history forever too and now I would like to dflesjfglkwrhgirohgioergtake the chance out to tell you about them.

To begin I would like to tell you that during the 1960’s women were thought of more like property instead of actual human beings with a vfwgnkkrghjrebvujkdsoice, but everything soon began to change due to many movements and laws. We were expected to stay home, take care of the children, cook, clfsdnvshriiheiean, etc. It was not even right for us to leave the house without our husbands. We, as women were barely ever able to work. When we were given jobs most of us had to let thrfklerngerhgnerlgkejem go when we married, due to the fact that we were thought as stupid, inadequate, incompetent, and men thought we could not focus on our domestic chores if we were out working. Jobs given to us were menial jobs such as, airline stewardesses, secretaries, and etc otherwise known as ‘women’s work’. The only time women were given job of rgwerlgme;lrg. a man was when I was a child in the 1940’s during Wsdfjrfhurwhgbdfjkbsuissdrld War II when women were given jobs in the military, but only because they were short staffed. After the soldiers returned and women had done the work of men everything went back to the way it used to be. You may think this is cruel granddaughter, and in fact it is, but we could not ddf sdjvewbjrbg erbvkjfgvbufvo anything about it. I felt cornered, like a prisoner entrapped in my own body just wanting to let my soul blow through and express everything I felt inside of me. Some days I would go into our basement and jdfsdflrelkgnerlkgust scream because of how unfair we were treated; just

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