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Llanguage of Teaching and Learning


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Dictionary of Education: Language of Teaching and Learning



Article Notes and Critique No. 1
Ali, M.S. (2007). Dictionary of education: Language of teaching and learning. Bloomington, IN: Author House.
Description of problem addressed in study: Learning in preschool depends highly on the teachers’ cues. Different cues of different teachers have different impact on word leaning on pupils in preschool. For a better understanding and proper learning of children requires the best cues which highly depend on the teachers. Therefore, different teachers’ impact learning differently.
Description of the purpose of the study: The study taken by Saylor and Carroll was to find out the impact of different cues had on a three year old Childs’ understanding. The study focused specifically word learning through direct physical cues and indirect cues as well as verbal cues. The purpose of the research was focused on the impact of different types of cues and how knowledge was shared between the child and the teacher.
Listing of the study’s research questions and/or hypotheses: the researchers used questions to get their purposes achieved and these are just an example of the questions the researchers may have used 1) Did the pupils understand the words better when taught by someone they knew? 2) Was learning different and better when taught by a teacher they knew because of direct physical cues given? Some o f the expectations researchers had were that the learning would be different if the teaching was by someone they had a better knowledge about. However, they also expected that the preschoolers understanding would be different when different teachers taught them because each had a different cue.
Description of the study’s methods and procedures: The researcher used games such as board games. During experiment, they

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