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Loads of Fun


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Loads of Fun

BMGT 365 Organizational Leadership

Taira Salmon Brandt is preparing to take over control from Garret Salmon her father, the owner of a medium sized party invitation company Loads of Fun. Taira has recently received a degree from UMUC in Business Management and is anxious to take over the company. Taira and her father Garrett have been planning her takeover for several years, ever since her ex-husband left the business after their divorce-- an event that garnered her unwanted and unsolicited notoriety within the company. Taira has always worked in some capacity within the company but never in a serious leadership role. Taira and Garrett have agreed that she will take over as CEO in the next two months. No one knows of this decision. This report will review in depth the current and future leadership styles, organizational dynamics for the company and provides recommendation on how Taira and Garrett can effectively transition responsibilities.

There are many qualities that a 21st century leader must have in order to successfully grow their organization. They must be able to create a vision that encourages employees; they must create a culture that promotes growth, motivation, and innovation; they must be adaptable to change; they must be social planners that build strong relationships with their team; they must create strategies that help grow the team and the organization successfully. This paper provides an analysis of the current situation of Loads of Fun and seeks to address the roles of Taira Brandt as a leader, and the different variables that can affect her new vision and implementation of change.

Working with her father and key employees in the organization, Taira must develop the characteristics of a transformational leader in order create a new culture and new organizational structure, lead changes that is aligned with the

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