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“Luck, Greed & Money”

Success or failure brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions is Luck; which Hester understands but still is not willing to give up their luxurious lifestyle. D. H. Lawrence describes their living style in “The Rocking-Horse Winner,” in a pleasant house, with a garden and servants to feel superior to anyone in the neighborhood. Hester marries for love, and it turns into dust. She had two little girls and a boy, whom she tells that luck is everything, and her “good luck” is ruined by her husband’s “bad luck.”
They did not live a poor life style, but Hester is to compete with other families by having the best and most stylish living. She is always looking for ways to earn more money, but fails. This greed was turning Hester into a Heartless mother, she complains about not having enough money that the house starts to echo the phrase, "There must be more money!" This statement caused her son Paul, feel the need to help find more money. He does this by gambling with the gardener at the horse race track and wins a lot of money. As he wants to start giving his mother some of the money on yearly basis, she ends up wanting it all. The more she gets, the more she wants, without realizing where it was coming from.
Everyone in the neighborhood thinks Hester is a good mother, who adores her children, but only she and the kids knew that it wasn’t true. She always showed love to her kids but could not feel it in her heart because there wasn’t enough money. Due to Hester always bragging about money, her family always felt an anxiety in the house. Hester’s greed results in her only boy’s death. Towards the end Hester’s brother says “My God, Hester, you’re eighty-odd thousand to the good, and a poor devil of a son to the bad.” Even though she didn’t want all the money to herself, everyone still thinks that her greed and selfishness killed her son. She wanted her kids to go to a good school and fulfill her husband’s expensive taste.

By confusing Paul with the meaning of luck, which he now thinks that luckiness, is richness. He knew that money was what makes her happy. Hester’s definition also gave him the idea that if he got money, his mother would love him. Hester being his mother, Paul is really unlucky because he never got what he wanted. He never received love from his mother, which he should already have had. Overall, Hester did not proof to be a good mother and cannot be trusted.

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