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M1 explain the points of view of different stakeholders seeking to influence the aims and objectives of two contrasting organisations
Stakeholders are an important part of any business as they influence aims and objectives which bring in profit and keep as business surviving and successful.
McDonalds aim for their customers is to serve and produce the best food they can and provide a good service and clean restaurant. They also ensure that the food is convenient for all customers and allow for it to be taken away. They also have a drive thru for those in a hurry. Their main aim is to please and satisfy all customers with the food service and environment they serve.
McDonalds for example is also a worldwide company and has managed to become that due to the customers and reputation they have. As McDonalds have such regular customers they have to meet the same standards and exceptions to the customers so they are always trying to find ways in which they can improve and make it a better environment for their customers all the time. McDonalds also listen to their customers and do their best in order to make everybody’s visit satisfactory and enjoyable. They offer to bring food over to tables if the restaurant is busy or if there is a wait for your food, and even personally take it out to your car if need be. They provide a family environment and it is a child friendly place, high chairs and children’s toys and toilets are available and even offer children’s party services and private tables and rooms for those wanting to host a children’s party there.
The customer
The customers are a very important stakeholder of Sainsbury’s because the aims mostly involve them, Sainsbury’s want to ‘deliver an ever-improving quality shopping experience for their customers’ therefore if customers are not happy with the produce and happen to complain to the company, the aim

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