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M3A1 Psychology in the Community


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M3A1 1. What are the problem behaviors and physical symptoms that led you to arrange an intervention for the addicted person in the video?
Sean was introduced to alcohol at 13 years of age, he now reportedly drinks a gallon and a half a day of vodka alongside many other alcoholic beverages. As a result of his drinking, he has developed an esophagus related illness, which according to medical professionals without surgery would turn into a full cancer stage, leaving him approximately two years to live until full hospitalization is required. Sean refuses surgery as according to him, it will make him stop drinking, which he refuses to do. Furthermore, Sean is homeless, and relies on aid from his daughter and newly acquired wealthy girlfriend, alongside his family for support, not only financially but for all other basic life necessities, such as food and shelter. (A&E Shows, 2012). 2. What are the difficulties the family of the addicted person is experiencing as a result of the addicted person’s behavior and symptoms?
Sean’s daughter, has often bailed his father out of various expensive bar tabs, as Sean has no money or bank accounts to himself. His brother, who is very close to him, feels like Sean has changed dramatically as a result of his drinking problem, which is greatly distancing Sean from his brother and the rest of the family. 3. What role do you, as an interventionist, play in an intervention?
According to a 2011 webcast titled “Prevention/Early Intervention for Substance Use and Mental Disorders: What's Working, What's Needed?”, substance addiction is a very serious issue which affects people of al backgrounds and ages. At one point during the webcast a young adult named Jordan Burnham was interviewed about his alcohol addiction recovery, who at one point stated “ my parents were very aware of the problem of me drinking, but, um, no

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