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The MafiaThe mafia is an organizational international body of criminal, operating originally in Sicily now especially in Italy and the US and having a complex and ruthless behavioral code. The mafia started in the mid 19th century and they still operate today. They are five different family that came to the United States to start they world of crime and also to become one of the most powerful organization. There are five mafia family are relating somewhere in Italy, how the FBI got one of there officers undercover showed what he had to do not to get caught will he was in the mobs presence also what they did while he was undercover, then finally how the mafia got into the America without them knowing what they did for a living. The mob had …show more content…
The mobs was one of the biggest gangster organisations in history they first came to the United States was in the 1920s. “Gangsterism has added a subterranean stream to the course of American history from the nation's earliest days, and more particularly since the rise of urban society in the latter part of the nineteenth century. In the brash saloon culture of the cities, street and youth gangs, like the Five Pointers of New York and the Valley Gang in Chicago, became allied with ward politicians, canvassing for votes in exchange for protection from the police” ( Kelly, J.). This proves that everybody wanted to be apart or just to stay away from the mob families. The mobs became allies with some of the corrupt politicians and they kept the mob on the down low for years. Until the FBI come to town and started to have people undercover so they can get information about their organization. “The fifties were the golden age of organized crime. Mobsters had invested their Prohibition lucre in gambling enterprises; casinos in Las Vegas and Havana promised steady streams of cash. The mob had leveraged its muscle through labor and industrial rackets in fields like trucking, construction, and apparel, extracting a private tax on a wide range of products and services. Narcotics importation yielded further treasure. Political contacts from the twenties and thirties had matured: Mob lawyers had become judges, judges senators. The underworld had enjoyed its pax Luciano for more than twenty years. Two shootings would break the peace and set the stage for Apalachin On the night of May 2, 1957, as Costello entered his Central Park West apartment building, a man leaped at him, shouted "This is for you, Frank," and shot him in the head. Costello dropped, his assassin ran.(Kelly, J.).” When the 1950s were probably some of the worst time because there were so many crimes throughout

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