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Making a pen bag I have a very cute pen bag which you can put your pens and eraser. If you look at it in the front, the shape is a rectangle. If you look at its profile, it is a triangle. The design is for the capacity. There is a red plastic zipper on the top. Red is a main color of the pen bag. It is two double, and the materials are different. The outside is the soft plastic, and the inside is the hard cotton. If it is dirty, you can clean it with water, or wipe it with wet rag. If you have time, you can try to make a pen bag. It is very easy, and making one does not need much time. Firstly, you need to find some materials. You can use the old curtain, or bed sheet. If you want to make a new one, you can buy the fabric in the Wal-Mart. If you want a simple style, you can choose a pure color fabric. If you want a Korean style, you can choose a calico. Another thing you need is fusible interlining. You can buy the zipper when you buy the fabric. They should be in the same place in the Wal-Mart. The quality of the zipper is very important because its importance reflect the quality of the pen bag. The color of the zipper has better be similar as the fabric, or same as the main color of the fabric. You need some strings which color is same as the zipper. Moreover, we start to make a pen bag. You cut two cloths as 22*18 cm, and cut the fusible interlining in the same way. Then you iron them separately, one cloth with one fusible interlining. The edges of the fabric are folded inwards about 0.7cm, and stable with secure with pins. The next step is a litter difficult, which you have to sew the zipper on the edges. Do not forget putting the edges of zipper under the edges of the cloths. After sewing the zipper, you need to put the inside of the cloth outside, which means putting the no color side outside. The next step is sewing the sides, and then sewing the nether angles that should be two triangles. The area of the triangle is like the area of the quarter. You need to cut the parts that besides the sewing, which are the small triangles. When you turn over the bag, you finish the pen bag. You can choose the size, the color, the style, and the material of the pen bag. You can design your own pen bag.

An Indispensable Small Thing People always easily ignore some small things in their life. However, those small things can be greater role. A simple story, Newton found the law of universal gravitation because of an apple. A gorgeous dress cannot sew without threads; a magnificent construction cannot build without bricks; a rocket cannot launch without screws. Although the small things are not important when they are independent, they are indispensable when they are used for contributing or be a part of something. My pen bag is a small part of my life. Its front is a rectangle, and its sides are a triangle. On the whole, it is a flat. There is a red zipper on its top, and the red color is its main color. There are some cartoon characters on the front. It is very cute. My pen bag is very important to me because it helps me to organize other small things. I like find different reasons to buy pens, not because I need them, but because I like the color or the modeling. When I go to the classes, I won’t just bring one pen or two pens, but I might bring more than ten pens. I could not put them in my backpack directly because it is hard to find the one which I need, and it is hard to take out from my backpack when I am taking class. As a result, putting them in my pen bag is convenient. My pen bag also helps me organize my small stuff. Other small things I put in my pen bag in my pen bag are my mini-flash, my clicker, and my earphone. My mini-flash is too small to my backpack. If I put it in my back pack, I would spend much more time to find it. I often forget bring my clicker to my geography class, so I put it in my pen bag. After that, I never forget bring it. I put my earphone in it because it is cleaner. I might put some foods in my backpack, so there might be some dross in my backpack. I always put my bag on the ground. Another reason is that it is easier to break my earphone if I put it in my backpack. If the books press my earphone, and I pull it out, the joint might be hurt. Pen bag is better than pen box. It is lighter than the box because the pen box make of iron. Pen box is easy to rust, and you cannot clean it when it is dirty. It is hard; as a result its capacity is limited. Pen bag does not have these kind problems. It is soft, and it make of fabric, so you can wash it when it is dirty. It has bigger capacity because of its elasticity materials. That’s why I choose the pen bag, not pen box.

Comparative analysis My pen bag is a resembling rectangle bag, and it can contain many pens. In the paper “Making a pen bag,” I give the method of making a pen bag. I wrote it from the technological angle. In the “An Indispensable Small Thing,” I give some reasons that I think it is important and I use pen bag. I wrote it from the aesthetic angle. These two articles have many differences, but they also have one thing in common. The common is about the description of the pen bag. I describe my pen bag in both articles. The front of my pen bag is a rectangle, and its sides are triangle. There is a red zipper on the top. The main color of my pen bag is red, but there are some cartoon characters. I use pictures in the both papers. I want readers can image what my pen bag looks like through my words and my picture because I think the vivid image can help people understand my point of view. However, the pictures are different. The pictures in the “Making a Pen Bag” are the step graph that help people understand the process. The pictures in the “An Indispensable Small Thing” pay attention on the design and functions. The reason that I use different pictures is the different demands of people. If people want to make a pen bag by themselves, they can read “Making a pen bag.” It can teach people how they can make a pen bag by themselves step by step. The pictures can help them understand the procedure. On the contrary, if people want to know the functions of the pen bag, they might like to read “An Indispensable Small Thing.” This article talks about the importance and the advantage of the pen bag. People choose the different article with their different goal. If the audiences are different, they might bring different questions to read the articles. They want to find answers through the articles. “Making a pen bag” can answer the questions about the materials and the setting steps. For example, where can I buy the material? How do I choose the materials? What tools do I need? If people have those questions, they had better to find answers in the “Making a Pen Bag.” They need to prepare tools: iron, scissor, needle, string, pins, and ruler. They also need to prepare some materials: fabric, zipper. All the tools and the materials can be found in the Wal-Mart. According to different favors, people could choose the pure color fabric or calico fabric or others. The article “An Indispensable Small Thing” can answer the questions about the design and functions. For example, why do people need to use pen bags? What can people put in it? Why are the pen bags important? People had better to find answers of those question in the article “An Indispensable Small Thing.” People can put many things in the pen bag, not just the pens. If people are worried lost something or forget something, they could put them in the pen bag, such as the flash, clicker, and earphone. Pen bags can help people organize their backpack, and they do not need put their pens in the backpack. They can easily find pens and other smalls things in the pen bag. Pen bags make our study lives more convenient. Another difference in the two articles is the method of expression. In the “Making a Pen Bag,” I use some numbers, and some figures because I hope to explain the process clearly. I try my best to record every detail in the article. If only the information is more accurate, people would think the procedure is simpler. I write cutting a fabric as 18*22cm, but not cutting a sizeable square fabric. There is a story using words accurately, which is my own experience. I wanted to learn how I cook by myself. I bought a book that teaches people cooking. I prepared all the materials as the requirement of the book. When I stated to cook, I found the steps are obscure. For example, pouring oil into the pot and waiting for the oil heated. How can I know how much oil I should pour into? How can I know how many minutes I should wait? The high-frequency phrase is adding an appropriate amount of salt. I cannot understand what an appropriate amount is? As a result, when I teach other people how they can make a pen bag, I use accurate information. However, when I write “An Indispensable Small Thing,” I did not mention numbers. People who read the article do not care about how big the pen bag is. They prefer to know the use and application of pen bags; as a result, I describe many details in the article. The pen bag is lighter the pen box because its material. It does not make of iron, so it will not rust. Because it make of fabric, people can wash it. It makes a function of organization. To sum up, these two article talk about the pen bag. “Making a Pen Bag” describe pen bag from technological angle. The article teaches people how to make a pen bag. People who read this article because they are interested in making a pen bag by themselves. They can find information about materials, tools, and process. Another article, “An Indispensable Small Thing,” describe pen bag from the aesthetic angle. People who read this article are interested in the significance of pen bag. People can know pen bag’s advantages and significance after reading “An Indispensable Small Thing.” People, especially students, need pen bags to take care of their small things. Pen bags are not designed just for pens, but they also could use to manager you small but important things.

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