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Malcolm X Short Story

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She hoped her kids become like her. Louise was a woman, a mother of young children and her opportunities to work outside the house was limited for her especially when her husband was still alive. Louise was a very hard working woman in and outside of her beloved home. While living in Omaha, Nebraska the family was often harassed by white people and not loved also they were very violent to the Little family. At one point their home was set on fire while Louise and her kids were inside the house, she then noticed smell of smoke and seen fire she then grabbed her four kids and was out of the house calling for help. No one decided to help turn the fire off not even the firefighters who were white were just standing there watching this terrifying …show more content…
Everyone one of his classmates loved him, he was funny, shy, outgoing, and got along with people of all races. He loved playing sports growing up. By 1931, Malcolm was enrolled in kindergarten at pleasant Grove Elementary school in the outskirts of Lansing, MI, and he was also a frequent traveler with his father as the latter organized for the Garvey cause. Malcolm loved doing pranks in school. He strived in both academics and athletics. His dreams were dashed by a teacher whom he admired and respected. At that moment he was thinking of dropping out of school because his teacher brought his hopes down. In 1938 Malcolm X was kicked out of school and was sent to juvenile detention home in Mason, Michigan. This detention home was ran by a white couple who seemed nice because they treated Malcolm like a human being. He attended Mason High School where he was one of the only few black students. He did really good in school, his classmates elected him for class president, and back in Malcolms days not that many black students who attend a white school would be elected for something like that since they were dealing with segregation and racial discrimination. Malcolm was asked what he wanted to be when he grows up and he said a lawyer, that is when his dreams and hopes were doomed and crushed and that is also when Malcolm started to give up slowly. Malcolm X dropped out of school the following year, at age

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