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Management and Leader Ship

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Management and leadership are required for companies so that they are able to succeed. Planning, organizing, directing, and controlling are a must in order to be effective in management and leadership, as well as being able to problem solve, make decision, and have organization communication. Leadership styles are important as well and the still that is chosen can help the leader get the other people on his time to follow them. Managers should be good leaders and good leaders, should have management skills to perform well.
Management means that you are able to plan and organize an organization or a group of people. By being successful in management, employees will be more productive and enjoy doing their work. According to Teal (1996), when a company is in trouble and employees are unhappy they will complain about management.
Management must plan by setting goals and find the best way to reach them (Collins, 2014). Developing a strategic plan, the company can establish the purpose of the company and the goal and objectives that need to be reached. Creating a mission statement can help motivate employees and help them understand the purpose of the company that they work for. Once the mission statement has been developed the next thing to do is look at the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Being able to identify the strengths of the company, workforce can be motivated, weakness can cause poor workforce (Collins, 2014). Setting goals, over a long period of time, and adjustments are important. These goals should co-inside with the mission statement of the company.
Organizing starts with the three levels of management: top managers, middle managers, and first-line managers. First-line manager report to middle manager, middle managers report to top manager, and top manager set the objectives, plan, and make...

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