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A. Preface 2
B. Motivation i. Introduction 2 ii. Understanding Motivation - Herzberg Theory 3 iii. Applying Motivation - Personal Life and Work Condition 4 - Participative Management 4 - 5 - Rewarding Employee 5
C. Communication i. Introduction 6 ii. Function of Communication 6 - 7 iii. Organization Communication 7 - 8 - Physical Group Networking 8 - 9 - Perception 9 - Language 9 - 10 - Filtering 10 - Modern Technologies Communication 10 - 11 D. Organization Change i. Introduction 11 - 12 ii. Process of change - Unfreezing 12 - Minimizing resistance in unfreezing 12 - 13 - Change 13 - Minimizing resistance in change 13 - 14 - Refreezing 14 - Minimizing resistance in refreezing 15 E. Conclusion 15 F. References 16 - 17

A. Preface
In the following study, we were asked to choose three topics from which that is being applied to our own workplace. I have picked “Motivation”, “Communication” and “Organization Change”.

In reading and understanding more about management during the past few modules, I have learnt how can organization uses several key points to drive employees to work harder. These few points lie in the manager’s attributes. Employees liked managers with vision and enthusiasm and who led by setting a good example. They liked managers who have a good attitude towards their subordinates, were fair to employees, and had no strong prejudices. They liked to receive clear and decisive instructions and liked being given responsibility. They liked managers who encouraged

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