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Managerical Accounting


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Chapter 1
Managerial Accounting and the Business Environment

Solutions to Questions

1-1 Managerial accounting is concerned with providing information to managers for use within the organization. Financial accounting is concerned with providing information to stockholders, creditors, and others outside of the organization.

1-2 A strategy is a game plan that enables a company to attract customers by distinguishing itself from competitors. The focal point of a company’s strategy should be its target customers.

1-3 Customer value propositions fall into three broad categories—customer intimacy, operational excellence, and product leadership. A company with a customer intimacy strategy attempts to better understand and respond to its customers’ individual needs than its competitors. A company that adopts an operational excellence strategy attempts to deliver products faster, more conveniently, and at a lower price than its competitors. A company that has a product leadership strategy attempts to offer higher quality products than its competitors.

1-4 Managers carry out three major activities in an organization: planning, directing and motivating, and controlling. Planning involves establishing a basic strategy, selecting a course of action, and specifying how the action will be implemented. Directing and motivating involves mobilizing people to carry out plans and run routine operations. Controlling involves ensuring that the plan is actually carried out and is appropriately modified as circumstances change.

1-5 The Planning and Control Cycle involves formulating plans, implementing plans, measuring performance, and evaluating differences between planned and actual performance.

1-6 In contrast to financial accounting, managerial accounting: (1) focuses on the needs of managers rather than outsiders; (2) emphasizes decisions affecting the future

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